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Out My Window

Lightdance 365, Feb 14 - OUT MY WINDOW

Lightdance 365, Feb 14 – OUT MY WINDOW

We stayed in a great VBRO house in Ann Arbor last weekend. It is one of two older houses that remain on a downtown street that has been taken over by business and university buildings. Much more fun than a motel room, great for walking to many points of interest, and for window views of an Ann Arbor winter. The first is a porch column taken from the front door.

Snowfall in Ann Arbor

Snowfall in Ann Arbor

This is the house next door taken from our kitchen window. The snow falling might be described as chunky. The same snow falling in Nashville causes panic attacks and a run on all the grocery stores.



Ann Arbor, on this Valentine’s Day weekend, is a city of icicles decorating all the houses and glittering in the sun.  Pretty.



The trees are loaded with icicles, too, this one beside our kitchen window. I remember growing up in this environment. I loved it. What happened between Michigan and Tennessee to make me dread the sight of a snowflake? It must have something to do with uncleared roads, cars running into each other, schools closed, and frozen water lines.



Walker! Walker! How did you end up in that snowbank!?



Lightdance 365, Feb. 6, 2014 - ICE-OLATED

Lightdance 365, Feb. 6, 2014 – ICE-OLATED

I’ve never seen Radnor iced over  before this morning. Lake was iced, road and trails were iced, snow fell around us, no other walkers in sight. Ice-olated!


Lightdance 365, January 17, 2014 - SUGAR

Lightdance 365, January 17, 2014 – SUGAR

We knew something was about to happen on our walk at Radnor this morning from the silvery luminescence in the sky and the treetops lighted up by a sun that had disappeared from view. Sure enough, snow began to fall.  Dry little round crystals sprinkled on us like a sugar topping. We crunched along the path, then it stopped  and began to melt, but left us with a glorious sugar high. What a special start to the day.

Snow covered path


Lightdance 365, January 7, 2014 - COLD

Lightdance 365, January 7, 2014 – COLD

We couldn’t stand the inactivity caused by this Polar Vortex thing for one more day, so when the temperature warmed up to a balmy sixteen degrees this afternoon, Deer Barbara and I headed to Radnor. We met only two other people and one Siberian Husky on the path, but there were icy wonders every place we looked. I forgot to be cold, and my camera battery held out for the many photo ops, but poor phone went into a state of hypothermia. I think it will be OK with a little time on the battery charger. It was COLD out there!

Icy Lakescape

Icy Lakescape

Ice Flowers

Ice Flowers

Crystal textures

Crystal textures

The View From Here

Lightdance 365 - The View From Here

Lightdance 365, January 5, 2014 – THE VIEW FROM HERE

I’ve been waiting all day to get a picture of the snow arriving in Nashville, compliments of the Arctic Vortex. Darkness fell before the snow did, so the view from here is extremely limited. I would have ventured farther from my porch to get a picture, but it’s slippery out there, and cold! In addition, after listening to the weather announcements for the last three days, I’m fearing for my life, and feel a need to stay inside where there is a chance of protection.

Honestly, the weather segment of the news goes on so long that my mind wanders, and I usually miss the only information I tuned in to hear in the first place. Two nights ago, while we were still enjoying temperatures in the sixties, my phone beeped at 3:30 AM with news of an impending wind chill alert which was predicted in 48 hours. Uh, thanks so much. I’m forgetting my Michigan roots, where I learned early that eight inches of snow overnight means you throw a couple of Breeko blocks (that’s a nod to my Tennessee home) in the trunk, and off you go to school or work, or wherever. Winter sports were part of life when I was growing up, and I know they didn’t come to a halt when the temperature dropped below freezing. I was lucky enough to live down the street from one of the parks where the city flooded the ball diamonds to make skating rinks. You could put on enough clothes to stay warm for hours of ice skating, except for the toes. I remember many tears as feet were soaked in warm water in the tub trying to bring feeling back into them. And, who could forget the kid who stuck his tongue on the cold metal post outside the small building where we could go in to get warm. Candy bars could  provide no comfort for him for a good long time afterward!

In Tennessee, where winter storms usually start out as ice, not pure snow, driving is hazardous, and it’s hard making your way to the grocery store with the other half a million people heading there at the same time to stock up on beer and toilet paper. I was in a check-out line at Harris Teeter once with other people who had baskets full of necessities, and Eddie George of early Nashville Titans fame was in line in front of me, only he was buying candy bars. Excellent offensive move. Buy more candy bars, and let chocolate fight the chill!

Nashville has well organized plans in place to help its citizens in need during this unusually cold period of time for Tennessee. I have my own plan to slide by the mailbox with a donation to one of the agencies providing food and shelter as I make my way to the grocery store.


365 Project - Winter

365 Project – Winter

I love the colors of winter. The branches, reflections and colors created a perfect abstract painting in the lake on this cold morning. Then, I saw the animal head in the photo formed by the overhanging limbs, and I can’t quite get back to the abstract idea again.

December Bloom

Flower bud

Lightdance, December 16, 2011

I was at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, where they know what they doing,  when I took this photo, but, really, should anything in zone 6 be blooming in December? Judging by the thorn, however, flowering quince (Chaenomeles speciosa) is probably capable of fending for itself.