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Enchanted Forest


PAD September 25, 2010

The original capture of this version was a group of branches sticking out of the water at Radnor Lake.  It made an interesting pattern, and I thought it would look better than it did when I got home and put it on the computer screen. So, I played around with some Topaz and Color Efex Pro filters, and ended up with a kind of magical forest. I don’t know what I think about it other than I like the colors, and that eerie, glowing light. Opinions welcome.

Branches in a lake

Original photo


Burning Love

Red Roses

PAD June 5, 2010

I photographed these red roses in a garden in Centennial Park.  I loved the deep red color, but one of the roses was fading and the petals about to fall. The Topaz Adjust Spicify filter and a Florabella texture layer, Memory (Warm) helped stoke the fire for a little longer.


Burning Love original photo

Long Term Parking


PAD May 31, 2010

I took a picture of an old carriage inside the barn at the Croft Farm on a fall visit a few years ago.  It was tattered and covered with dust, as was every item in the barn.  I liked that, because it helped my imagination travel in time, but I didn’t like that such a beautiful piece of equipment was obsolete with nothing more useful left to do than to slowly fall apart. A Topaz sketch filter let me do a little dusting, and made the old carriage look almost like it’s waiting for riders to take a jaunt around town. This week is the kick-off to the bicentennial celebration of the Croft Farm in Nashville.


Carriage - original

Light Beams

Light beams in the woods

PAD May 28, 2010

Radnor was a stage this morning, with giant spotlights following us around the lake. We stopped a few too many times to admire and take pictures, adding a half hour to the time it usually takes us. It’s easy to forget you have another life  once you start walking on the Radnor trail.

Because it was so humid, everything was fogged up, and I didn’t notice that my lens focus switch was on manual instead of auto.  I used the Topaz filters BuzSim and Spicify to try to correct the uncorrectable, and then finished off with a simple frame from OnOne.

Cream and Sugar


PAD May 16, 2010

I hate to see the end of the peonies, especially when it is due to heavy rain beating the petals into pulp on the ground below. Yes, Nashville is getting more rain this weekend! Flash flood warnings are out. I will remember the peonies of spring 2010 with a few photos I took before their demise. They were beautiful to begin with, but I couldn’t resist playing with some effects: Topaz Simplicity Harsh Painting, and the Florabella texture layer Allure (warm) on this vase of sweet perfume.

Nick’s Rose

Rose, Flutter-bye

PAD May 14, 2010

Nick’s Rose is not the official name of this flower, but it has officially begun to bloom in my garden.

My name, Three Dog Studio, came from the three Samoyeds who arrived on our doorstep with suitcases in hand in the late 1980’s.  Nick was one of them, and much beloved by my women friends.  No wonder!  He was courtly and attentive to them, and turned on the charm when they came to his house. There was a great deal of mourning at his passing. My best friend gave me some money and directed me to buy a rosebush to plant for Nick in my garden.  She said to pick whatever I liked, but not to choose one with some “candy-ass name.”  I never intended to ignore her wishes, but when I saw this beautiful rose with its cheerful variegated pink to yellow blooms, I knew it was the right one. The name on the tag was Flutter-bye Rose, but my friend likes it, too, and we just call it Nick’s Rose.

I processed Nick’s Rose using Topaz Simplicity Painter Oil, and the texture layer  Patina (Cool), opacity 84%, from Florabella Collection.

Infrared Trees

Rows of Trees in Infrared

PAD April 2, 2010

Our Roanoke hotel parking lot was full of infrared possibilities. The trees look snow covered, which would have been possible given the temperature, but they were really covered with new growth. The original RAW capture may be seen below. In addition to some brightening and increase in contrast, I used  the Topaz Adjust HDR Pop filter.

Infrared Trees

Original Raw capture