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Pastel Ohio


Lightdance, June 30, 2011

Continuing with the I-75 drive-by shootings in Ohio, but with the addition of Alien Skin Snap Art, Pastel.


Waking Ohio


Lightdance, June 29, 2011

Another Ohio sunrise drive-by from I-75. I was taking shots as I looked west. It was next to impossible to get anything shooting east, where the sunrise burned the fog away to leave the most brilliant light and colors, because the driver was smack dab in the way. He’s used to driving in the midst of flying lenses by now, but he draws the line when I ask him to please move his head. He’s right. I know.

Ohio Farm Drive-by Revisited

Lightdance, June 28, 2011

This is the edited version of the Ohio farm I shot with my new camera from the car window on our recent trip to Michigan. I posted the unedited version  a few days ago because I could not open the image in Photoshop in order to do any editing! The cavalry came yesterday and got everything working again. Thanks, Ron! It wasn’t easy, and confirms the fact that between my camera equipment and my computer equipment, I have created a monster. Without the cavalry I would have had to switch gears and take up painting, or yard work, or, heaven forbid, cooking. When I get his bill, I may have to take up something that pays money! There was something about the delicacy of color in this sunrise farm scene that many of you liked, so my editing, once I got back in business on Photoshop, was on the gentle side.

Farm landscape

Ohio farm landscape in RAW format, prior to editing



Lightdance, June 23, 2011

I took this photo with my new camera on the drive back from Michigan last week. I didn’t know at the time that none of the photos from this new camera would open in the version of Photoshop that I have been using. I could open them if I converted them all to Adobe’s DNG format, but I prefer  the native Canon format, so I guess I will have to upgrade to PSCS5. The new camera turns out to be more expensive than I thought. It’s possible that I missed this information when I was doing my research on the camera, but I think it is more likely that it just wasn’t there. So here’s my flat, unedited version of a drive-by Ohio sunrise.  It was spectacular. Honestly.

Morning Stretch


Lightdance, May 17, 2011

Sunrise over the Salt Flats on Assateague Island, Virginia.

Salt Marsh

Assateague Island

Lightdance, May 4, 2011

This shot is from our early morning walk around the salt flats on Assateague Island. The air was so clear, and the only sounds were bird calls and water splashing from diving birds going after fish. Oh, and also whining mosquitos, and hands slapping skin! Dedicated photographers don’t let a few trillion ravenous blood suckers stop them, right?

Salt Flats Sunrise

Assateague Island

Lightdance, April 18, 2011

We got up early in the morning for a walk around the salt flats on Assateague Island. Don’t for a minute think this isn’t a mosquito breeding ground!