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Out My Window

Lightdance 365, Feb 14 - OUT MY WINDOW

Lightdance 365, Feb 14 – OUT MY WINDOW

We stayed in a great VBRO house in Ann Arbor last weekend. It is one of two older houses that remain on a downtown street that has been taken over by business and university buildings. Much more fun than a motel room, great for walking to many points of interest, and for window views of an Ann Arbor winter. The first is a porch column taken from the front door.

Snowfall in Ann Arbor

Snowfall in Ann Arbor

This is the house next door taken from our kitchen window. The snow falling might be described as chunky. The same snow falling in Nashville causes panic attacks and a run on all the grocery stores.



Ann Arbor, on this Valentine’s Day weekend, is a city of icicles decorating all the houses and glittering in the sun.  Pretty.



The trees are loaded with icicles, too, this one beside our kitchen window. I remember growing up in this environment. I loved it. What happened between Michigan and Tennessee to make me dread the sight of a snowflake? It must have something to do with uncleared roads, cars running into each other, schools closed, and frozen water lines.



Walker! Walker! How did you end up in that snowbank!?



Lightdance 365, Feb. 6, 2014 - ICE-OLATED

Lightdance 365, Feb. 6, 2014 – ICE-OLATED

I’ve never seen Radnor iced over  before this morning. Lake was iced, road and trails were iced, snow fell around us, no other walkers in sight. Ice-olated!


December 10, 2013

December 10, 2013

Project Life 365 Prompt – Perfect

Snow fell in the night. It’s pretty, but due to melt with warmer temperatures over the next few hours. Children are thrilled that school has been cancelled, but drivers are not too happy about the slick roads this morning. “Perfect” depends on your point of view. Or your attitude. Or how cold and slippery it is when you step out of your warm house to get a picture.

Ready for Christmas


Lightdance, December 19, 2011

Purple mittened snowman has a cheery look about him, but what he’s really saying is, “Na, na, na, na, boo, boo! I’m ready for Christmas, and you’re not!”

Bamboo with Snow

Bamboo with Snow

PAD January 10, 2011

The weather report got it right this time. We went to bed without snow, and woke up with 3 inches on the ground. This is the second significant snowfall this year, and some years we get none! Since it’s still dark outside, I am posting a picture I took on our beautiful Christmas day snow. It is an in-camera motion blur of some bamboo bent over in heavy snow. I zoomed the lens out while pressing the shutter, in shutter priority, somewhere around a half a second.

Snow Forecast

Snow scene

PAD December 31, 2010

Another snow scene brought to you by OnOne PhotoTools. I was only kidding about inserting snow into all my pictures from now on. Tomorrow I’m planning to post a still life of some Christmas ornaments in a bowl on my dining room table, and while the snow looked great in it, the origin of it is a bit puzzling. It’s good to plan to try new things, though, especially on the eve of the New Year. Last year I planned to post a photograph a day for the whole year, and I did it! It was a good plan that I enjoyed so much that I’m going to do it in 2011 as well. This is a formal announcement of that intention.

I have another blog that I write about photography, art, family, and travel that I have neglected, maybe because posting an image a day does take some time. I am also making an announcement of  my intention to post in that once a week. I don’t want it to be rigidly tied to the calendar, however, so that might mean none for three weeks and then three posts at once. Anyway, that’s my plan, my New Year’s Resolution.

Thank you to everyone who looked in on either one of my blogs in 2010. I appreciate being part of your day and sharing the things that interest me. To my friends whose blogs I follow, and to the new people I’ve met through their blogs, keep on writing! I look forward every day to your photography, creativity, humor and unique slant on life.

Redbud in Snow

Winter Landscape

PAD December 30, 2010

We see the distinctive Redbud seed pods on trees all over Radnor Lake now that the trees are bare of leaves.  We started our walks last spring after the Redbuds bloomed, so it will be a new treat to see the purple blossoms painted in among the branches in a few months. The snow was created with an OnOne PhotoTools filter.  I mention this because I love it so much I’ve decided to use it on every one of my pictures from now on. I know what you’re thinking. Don’t worry, it will be OK.