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Language of Flowers

Rose with texture layer

Lightdance, September 10, 2011

A rose with a texture layer.


Portrait of a Rose


January 9, 2011

I bought a bouquet of roses at Costco last year, and took a ridiculous number of photos of it. I pull one out from my files every so often when I’m trying something new. A rose as guinea pig? I bought OnOne PhotoTools some time ago, but couldn’t really get into it until I discovered the snow filter. Since it has now left drifts and mounds of snow and weather alerts all over my photo files, I decided to move on.  PhotoTools also has some nice frame filters, nothing that can’t be done with Photoshop, but quicker and easier.  Just open PhotoTools, make two clicks, and then return to your regular programming in Photoshop.

Laura’s Rose

PAD September 14, 2010

I can’t decide which one should get top billing, even though I had to pick one to be first in the post. Laura’s Rose is another composite, with the rose layer being duplicated to be used as the background with the Photoshop Wave Distort Filter applied.

Wild Rose


PAD June 3, 2010

The wild roses were blooming closer to the ground on yesterday’s Radnor Lake walk.  I still had to lean over the poison ivy very carefully to get this shot.  Texture layer from Florabella Collection.

Wild Roses


PAD June 2, 2010

At our last walk at Radnor we saw many late spring/early summer flowers starting to bloom.  If we hadn’t looked up in the trees we would have missed these wild roses.  In a few days it will be hard to miss them, as there are hundreds of buds that will be opening. I added a texture layer from the Florabella Collection, mainly because it would be pretty, but also to mute the white patches of sky that I couldn’t avoid because of having to shoot straight up.

Which Rose?


PAD May 17. 2010

More experimenting with the Florabella Texture Collection.  I like the pronounced texture and the way it forms a border on Rose #1, but the texture pattern on Rose #2 more closely echoes the lines on the petals. I can’t decide, not that there is any necessity to have to decide! I’m curious. Any opinions?


Rose #2

Nick’s Rose

Rose, Flutter-bye

PAD May 14, 2010

Nick’s Rose is not the official name of this flower, but it has officially begun to bloom in my garden.

My name, Three Dog Studio, came from the three Samoyeds who arrived on our doorstep with suitcases in hand in the late 1980’s.  Nick was one of them, and much beloved by my women friends.  No wonder!  He was courtly and attentive to them, and turned on the charm when they came to his house. There was a great deal of mourning at his passing. My best friend gave me some money and directed me to buy a rosebush to plant for Nick in my garden.  She said to pick whatever I liked, but not to choose one with some “candy-ass name.”  I never intended to ignore her wishes, but when I saw this beautiful rose with its cheerful variegated pink to yellow blooms, I knew it was the right one. The name on the tag was Flutter-bye Rose, but my friend likes it, too, and we just call it Nick’s Rose.

I processed Nick’s Rose using Topaz Simplicity Painter Oil, and the texture layer  Patina (Cool), opacity 84%, from Florabella Collection.