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365 Project, December 19, 2013 - Simple

365 Project, December 19, 2013 – Simple

It looks so simple, just a dead branch extending from the shore and reflecting in the water of Radnor Lake. What combination of time and events brought me to this spot at this moment to witness its joyful, but fleeting, dance in clouds and snow? Figuring that out is not so simple.


Branching Out

Branch reflections

PAD December 8, 2010

Finally got my disc space problem solved and was able to upload new images again.  This is from a Radnor walk this week.  Completely worth braving the cold temperatures!

On Golden Pond

Canada Goose

PAD November 14, 2010

This goose was making a racket about something. Could it have been about the beauty of the day and the fall reflections in the water where he was swimming? No?

Cloud Cover

Cloud Reflections

PAD September 23, 2010

Cloud reflections in Radnor Lake.

Dusk at Radnor Lake

Radnor Lake, Nashville

It rained in the morning when we usually take our walk at Radnor Lake, so we walked in the evening instead, and were able to see the lake in a new light.


Reflections of Buildings

PAD July 12,2010

One of the fun things about taking pictures in cities is the opportunity for reflections in windows. This is the AT&T Bldg, affectionately known as the Batman Building, in downtown Nashville.

Reflections of the Ryman

Grand Ole Opry

PAD Project 3/07/2010

The PAD today is the front of the Ryman Auditorium reflected in the windows of the convention center across the street, reflected in my camera lens, reflected in my eye. No wonder the lines are wobbly!