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Upside Down

Lightdance 365, Feb. 18, 2014 - UPSIDE DOWN

Lightdance 365, Feb. 18, 2014 – UPSIDE DOWN

It felt like spring at Radnor this morning, and everywhere I looked I saw a painting.


Upside Down

Lightdance 365, January 14, 2014 - UPSIDE DOWN

Lightdance 365, January 14, 2014 – UPSIDE DOWN

Upside down trees and branches in a jumble made a pretty pattern at Radnor Lake this morning.

Reindeer Reflection

Tree reflection in water

PAD December 18, 2010

I looked in the water at Radnor Lake and saw the reflection of a reindeer. When I turned to look for it beside me on the road, there was nothing there. It must have been my imagination. Then again, Santa has to move that sleigh with lightning speed to make it to the houses of all those good little boys and girls!

Chicken Little was Right

Sky reflected in water

PAD November 4, 2010

I need a rest from glitchy technology, so this meditation image seems perfect for today. It looks like I had the camera pointed through branches looking upward, but algae doesn’t usually float in the sky. Maybe the sky has fallen into the lake? Things aren’t where they’re supposed to be, but in a good way. Not like frozen cable boxes, or people who suffer from ‘boxed-in thinking’.

Yesterday it rained, so I didn’t spread seed on the lawn as I had planned. I will do it today, in just a few minutes. I will be looking at the ground while I do this work, but there is a bumper crop of acorns this year, so the sky really might fall on my head! Those acorns hit the ground pretty hard, so if one of them does hit me on the way down, I don’t think I will be meditating.

But, it is all something to think about that is far more pleasant than Comcast cable boxes.

Radnor Fall Begins


PAD October 10, 2010

PAD October 10, 2010


The two days since our last walk at Radnor made a huge difference in the amount of color in the trees.

Fire in the Water

Fall maple reflected in water

PAD October 3, 2010

I caught that maple tree that is changing color ahead of its neighbors when its reflection was showing bright orange in the water of Radnor Lake.

Breathe in the Calm


PAD September 28, 2010

Walking briskly around Radnor is great exercise, but it’s a meditation, too.