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Busy Bee

Bee on Zinnia

PAD July 20, 2010

There were so many bees swarming around the zinnias on our recent trip to Cheekwood for the Chihuly exhibit, that it looked like the flowers were no longer rooted in the ground, but dancing around. I’ll admit to a lot of luck that the bee is in focus in this hand held, grab shot with a Canon G-11. I finished the processing with the Topaz Spicify filter.


Don Juan


PAD May 7, 2010

I will interrupt the constant flood reporting this morning.  The rain destroyed the Clematis blooms and beat the Iris into the ground, but the Don Juan Rose bloomed to take away a little of the sadness.  There is some water on the petals.  I can take dew drops, but not much more than that!

Clematis Nelly Moser

Clematis Blossom

PAD April 10, 2010

If I could pick only one flower for in my garden, I think it would be the Clematis.

Magnolia with Texture

Magnolia Blossom

PAD 3/16/2010

I’ve been playing with adding texture to my photos.  I have a texture file I have taken of clouds, rocks, tree bark, Etc, but the one I used on the magnolia blossom is from Totally Rad Dirty Pictures. Attention grabbing name!

My recent posts of a photo a day have inspired my friend Susan to post her own photos of the day, but she is only committing for a total of fifteen days! Could this abbreviated schedule be calculated to give herself an out, in case she can’t keep up with my proven productivity? I hope she will continue on past fifteen, because she is an amazing photographer, and I would love to open her blog to see a new photo of hers every day. Her Project 15 may be found at Life in Color. You won’t be sorry if you check it out, but please don’t let on that you know I am on day 75, and counting!

Swirling Shell


PAD Project 1/28/10

There are 5″ to 8″ of snow predicted for Nashville tomorrow, so today’s PAD is a protest photo. I know snow is beautiful, but I’d rather think about the beach! I took this picture a long time ago, but I found it in my files, and re-edited in PS. It was encouraging to see that my workflow has improved enough to bring out more color and contrast this go-around. Just in time, too, to ward off the snow! I can dream, can’t I?

Serious Bling

Jeweled Bracelet

PAD Project 1/19/10

My bargain bracelet from Anthropologie. $68 marked down to $9.98. What was I thinking?

Tulips in January


PAD Project 1/17/10

More flowers seen at Whole Foods on Art Day.