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Redbud in Snow

Winter Landscape

PAD December 30, 2010

We see the distinctive Redbud seed pods on trees all over Radnor Lake now that the trees are bare of leaves.  We started our walks last spring after the Redbuds bloomed, so it will be a new treat to see the purple blossoms painted in among the branches in a few months. The snow was created with an OnOne PhotoTools filter.  I mention this because I love it so much I’ve decided to use it on every one of my pictures from now on. I know what you’re thinking. Don’t worry, it will be OK.


Christmas Day Snow

Winter landscape

PAD December 28, 2010

I have wanted to see a snow covered Radnor Lake this winter, but was afraid the roads would be too icy to allow it. The one inch that fell Christmas Eve might not have seemed like much, but it covered and stayed on every little surface except the roads!  It was an unexpected Christmas present. Thanks Santa!

Tree Bones

Shore line

PAD December 23, 2010

Things are getting crazy around here: last minute shopping and cooking, family arriving, and a rare snowfall predicted for Nashville on Christmas Day! I’m going to keep this calming scene from Radnor in my mind during the countdown to Christmas 2010.

Lavender Lake

Radnor Lake, Nashviile

PAD December 22, 2010

It’s easy to ignore how far behind you are on getting ready for Christmas while walking around Radnor.  I won’t be walking today.  Some things cannot be ignored!

Reindeer Reflection

Tree reflection in water

PAD December 18, 2010

I looked in the water at Radnor Lake and saw the reflection of a reindeer. When I turned to look for it beside me on the road, there was nothing there. It must have been my imagination. Then again, Santa has to move that sleigh with lightning speed to make it to the houses of all those good little boys and girls!

December Morning


PAD December 17, 2010

Last year’s Christmas present of mittens that become fingerless gloves are indispensable in operating a camera when walking in 14 degree weather. Maybe I’ll get insulated long underwear this year! Oh! The anticipation!

For the Birds

Red berries on the lake shore

PAD December 12, 2010

Surprising that the birds haven’t eaten all the berries that line Radnor’s shore.