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Althea Blossom 3

Althea Blossom

PAD July 24, 2010

The third Althea, or Rose of Sharon, blossom, finished with a Florabella Texture layer.


Althea Blossom

Rose of Sharon

PAD July 23. 2010

The second of a series of Althea blossoms combined with a texture layer. Also known as Rose of Sharon, it is in full bloom in the hot summer months in Tennessee. The first in the series was Page from a Summer Album.

Lavender Blue


PAD July 15, 2010

Soft, dreamy hydrangeas, a flower that can bring summer memories to mind.

Fountain with Texture

Garden Fountain

PAD July 10, 2010

This fountain was shot in the old town of St. Georges, Bermuda.  A Florabella texture layer (normal blending mode at 100% opacity) covered an unattractive background and softened the shadows created by the midday sun. The image as it looked prior to the texture layer appears below.

Garden Fountain



PAD July 7, 2010

A refreshing carnation that looks like a peppermint candy is the PAD for a day that is supposed to reach 97 degrees! A texture layer from the Florabella Collection was added.

Morning Glories

Morning Glories

PAD June 6, 2010

The Chihuly Exhibit at Cheekwood is the big attention grabber at the moment, but the flowers didn’t know that and they were putting on their own show for our enjoyment.

Burning Love

Red Roses

PAD June 5, 2010

I photographed these red roses in a garden in Centennial Park.  I loved the deep red color, but one of the roses was fading and the petals about to fall. The Topaz Adjust Spicify filter and a Florabella texture layer, Memory (Warm) helped stoke the fire for a little longer.


Burning Love original photo