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Bedford County Courthouse, Shelbyville, TN

Bedford County Courthouse, Shelbyville, TN

Lightdance, July 25, 2011

It is not easy being the courthouse in Bedford County, TN. The first structure, a small wooden building built in 1810, was demolished to build the first brick building, which was destroyed by a storm in 1830. A second brick courthouse was burned down by soldiers who were occupying the building in 1863. A third courthouse  was brought down by mob violence in 1934. The current building looks fairly permanent, but there are still some unused disasters out there, so who knows? I’m very interested in whatever it was that incited the mob violence. I wonder if it had anything to do with a debt ceiling?


Dekalb County Courthouse, Smithville TN

Dekalb County Courthouse, Smithville, TN

Lightdance, July 24, 2011

The Dekalb County Courthouse is a catch-up on a courthouse we went to photograph about two years ago. This was fun. I set up my tripod in the middle of a three way stop, groundlessly thinking Tensing would be watching my back, so to speak. Not until a near death experience did I realize he was off reading historical markers. I repeat, whose project is this, anyway? Maybe he just wanted to collect insurance money upon my ‘accidental’ demise? Nevermind. The insurance is all on him, but that’s another issue.

Franklin County Courthouse, Winchester, TN


Lightdance, July 21, 2011

The third of the five courthouses we photographed last weekend.

Moore County Courthouse, Lynchburg, TN


Lightdance, July 19, 2011

I was tempted to post the picture of the opossum that decided to die by the step of my front porch yesterday, but I resisted. This is the Moore County Courthouse, located in Lynchburg, TN, the city made famous by Jack Daniels. Note the whisky keg on the left. Note also the motorcycle. There is a Harley shop located across from the front door of the courthouse, and there was a Harley party going on around the square, as well as country music piped in via loudspeakers. It was  a much livelier Sunday afternoon than any other courthouse we have visited.

My resistance has broken down. I almost stepped on this possum as I was coming back from the mailbox, shuffling through the mail and not paying attention to where I was walking! No one was very interested in removing it, so for about three hours yesterday, if you had come to see us, you would have had to step over this carcass to get to the porch. No jokes about us living in Possum Holler ……. unless you just can’t resist!


To The Ladies

Confederate Statue

Lightdance, July 18, 2011

There are many plaques located in and around courthouses, commending people for patriotic heroism and sacrifice. I usually leave the plaque reading to Tensing, and follow the policy of first taking pictures and asking questions later. I was absorbed in following that method of operation while taking this picture (with a Lensbaby Composer), of a confederate soldier and the clock tower of the Marshall County Courthouse in Lewisburg, TN in the background, and happened to glance at the plaque underneath the statue.  I was surprised to see that the statue of the soldier, and the list of names of the fallen were memorializing the, “women of the South, whose patriotism, devotion, sacrifice and courage – unsurpassed in history – furnished the inspiration to those daring deeds of the confederate soldier.” Welcome to the Romanticism of the Recent Unpleasantness Between the States. I think it’s more than revisionist history that makes me want to see a woman sculpted in bronze on top of a monument extolling her virtues!

Confederate plaque

Which brings me to the Lincoln County Courthouse in Fayetteville, where there is another tribute to the incomparable women of the South. This time there is a female statue, even though she doesn’t get to wear a great looking hat, or even a decent dress. Unfortunately, one hand and one arm have succumbed to the elements, or to some vandal’s daring deed. There she stands on the courthouse lawn, a monument to sacrifice and courage, if not gratefulness or devotion.

Statue of a woman

Marshall County Courthouse, Lewisburg, TN


Lightdance, July 17, 2011

We took a drive today in our ongoing quest to photograph the courthouses in all 95 counties in Tennessee, adding five to our finished list. I have now photographed a total of 24, which, incidentally, does not include Davidson, our own county! It would be on the finished list if I hadn’t forgotten the media card when we went downtown to shoot it. I guess we aren’t going back until I’ve served the proper period of repentance. I can’t remember everything, every second!

The Marshall County Courthouse is a beauty. The sky certainly doesn’t hurt.

Humphreys County Courthouse, Waverly TN

Humphreys County Courthouse, Waverly TN

Lightdance, May 31, 2011

In addition to the Dickson County Courthouse in Charlotte, we stopped on our weekend trip to photograph the Humphreys County Courthouse in Waverly. I had never been to Waverly, but no one in TN will forget the explosion of a tank car containing LPG following a train derailment there in 1978. Friday, February 24, 1978 at 2:58 PM, to be exact. The derailment had occurred the day before, but I became aware that something terrible had happened when helicopter after helicopter flew over my house. They were taking the injured to the burn unit at Vanderbilt. There were 16 deaths, including Waverly’s police and fire chiefs, 43 people with varying degrees of burn injuries and many structures damaged. It was an awful event, and led to new procedures for emergency management personnel in the handling of explosive materials in accidents such as this one.