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The Sky

Project 365, December 17 2013 - The Sky

Project 365, December 17 2013 – The Sky

The prompt for December 17 is The Sky. The photo was taken at Radnor Lake on September 24, but I think it’s worth the travel back in time. Go ahead, take a dip in the sky, or, if you don’t have your swimming suit with you, then just enjoy the view at your feet.


Guard Lighthouse


Lightdance, November 2, 2011

Another photo in my continuing project to  re-edit various lighthouses I’ve photographed over the years. This one outside of Ketchikan, Alaska, although taken in the summer time, looks more appropriate to our current November calendar. It was as cold as it looks. We visited this lighthouse by boat and saw many seals and eagles on the shore as we passed.

Waking Ohio


Lightdance, June 29, 2011

Another Ohio sunrise drive-by from I-75. I was taking shots as I looked west. It was next to impossible to get anything shooting east, where the sunrise burned the fog away to leave the most brilliant light and colors, because the driver was smack dab in the way. He’s used to driving in the midst of flying lenses by now, but he draws the line when I ask him to please move his head. He’s right. I know.

Ohio Farm Drive-by Revisited

Lightdance, June 28, 2011

This is the edited version of the Ohio farm I shot with my new camera from the car window on our recent trip to Michigan. I posted the unedited version  a few days ago because I could not open the image in Photoshop in order to do any editing! The cavalry came yesterday and got everything working again. Thanks, Ron! It wasn’t easy, and confirms the fact that between my camera equipment and my computer equipment, I have created a monster. Without the cavalry I would have had to switch gears and take up painting, or yard work, or, heaven forbid, cooking. When I get his bill, I may have to take up something that pays money! There was something about the delicacy of color in this sunrise farm scene that many of you liked, so my editing, once I got back in business on Photoshop, was on the gentle side.

Farm landscape

Ohio farm landscape in RAW format, prior to editing

A Wing and a Prayer

Airplane view

PAD December 10, 2010

Flying isn’t much fun these days, the rush to get to the airport on time (two hours before departure!), undressing and dressing again, keeping track of belongings and kids, search and seizure, cramped seats, and no matter how many times they describe the steps to take in an emergency, I don’t ever feel like I “get” it. I think I get the water emergency evacuation instructions since I saw the plane ditch in the Hudson River. I am totally a visual person.  I have to see it, and that’s why air travel still holds some charm for me.  You can’t get a picture like this on the ground!

Chicken Little was Right

Sky reflected in water

PAD November 4, 2010

I need a rest from glitchy technology, so this meditation image seems perfect for today. It looks like I had the camera pointed through branches looking upward, but algae doesn’t usually float in the sky. Maybe the sky has fallen into the lake? Things aren’t where they’re supposed to be, but in a good way. Not like frozen cable boxes, or people who suffer from ‘boxed-in thinking’.

Yesterday it rained, so I didn’t spread seed on the lawn as I had planned. I will do it today, in just a few minutes. I will be looking at the ground while I do this work, but there is a bumper crop of acorns this year, so the sky really might fall on my head! Those acorns hit the ground pretty hard, so if one of them does hit me on the way down, I don’t think I will be meditating.

But, it is all something to think about that is far more pleasant than Comcast cable boxes.

There’s no Place like Home

Radnor Lake, Nashville

PAD October 19, 2010

It was relaxing to get back to walking at Radnor Lake after an intense photography workshop last week. The colors look muted in this picture, but they are really almost in their glorious prime.