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Lightdance 365, Feb 16, 2014 - ENTERTAINMENT

Lightdance 365, Feb 16, 2014 – ENTERTAINMENT

On Sunday afternoon during our Ann Arbor weekend, some of us went to see the Michigan/Wisconsin basketball game………..

Michigan Basketball-1




…………and some of us went to see “Lego”.



Guess which one I went to. Hint –  the top and sides of the block “M”  have been chopped off. Great picture anyway. I love that William will consent to be in photos now.  Soooo entertaining!



Project 365 - Challenge

Project 365 – Challenge December 15, 2013

Looking pretty happy there! For 30 minutes of a hard fought 40 minute basketball game, the two teams scored two points at a time, first one team, then the other. Finally, the Sixers slowly pulled ahead. Great coaching! Impressive how much this team has improved in just a few months, and how skilled the boys on both teams are. The Sixers met a serious challenge yesterday. I lost my voice, so cheering was a challenge, too!