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Parthenon in Fall

Parthenon Nashville

Lightdance, October 30, 2011

It was a gorgeous, and cold!, fall day in Centennial Park, where we went yesterday for the ALS walk. Everything was brighter and warmer if you stayed in the sun, like the red maple leaves that made a nice frame for the Parthenon.


Red Maple

Red Maple

Lightdance, October 27, 2011

I’m going to frame this photo of the red maple today to take to my DIL for her office. The brand new Five Points Animal Hospital in East Nashville is booking appointments for Tuesday, November 1, 2011! There will be a small open house (the official one will be later in November) Saturday morning for people to stop by to meet the staff and tour the new clinic. Hooray! A hundred hoorays!

Autumn Tunnel

Camera motion blur

Lightdance, October 20, 2011

Sometimes I can’t stop myself from twisting the camera while I press the shutter release. This time it was the combined, brightly colored dogwood and maple leaves that inspired me.

Autumn leaves

The scene as it appeared.
In-camera motion blur

Unsuccessful attempt at a motion blur.

There was too much light coming into the camera on my first attempt, so I dialed the shutter speed back so that it wouldn’t stay open as long.  It usually takes some practice shots while you adjust the settings to get what you want.

Virginia Creeper

Virginia Creeper

PAD December 20, 2010

Virginia Creeper looks a lot like poison ivy, if you don’t count the leaves. LIke poison ivy, it is a winter show-off.

Foggy Point

Fall trees in fog

PAD December 1, 2010

Farewell November. You’ve put on quite a show!

Dogwood in Winter


PAD November 30, 2010

This photo was taken at Radnor about a week ago. Yesterday the Dogwood leaves were gone – just like November. Enjoy the few hours that are left before December is here.

Oak Leaf View of the Far Shore

Lake View

PAD November 28, 2010

I took the Lensbaby with me last week to Radnor for a little different perspective on things.