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Out My Window

Lightdance 365, Feb 14 - OUT MY WINDOW

Lightdance 365, Feb 14 – OUT MY WINDOW

We stayed in a great VBRO house in Ann Arbor last weekend. It is one of two older houses that remain on a downtown street that has been taken over by business and university buildings. Much more fun than a motel room, great for walking to many points of interest, and for window views of an Ann Arbor winter. The first is a porch column taken from the front door.

Snowfall in Ann Arbor

Snowfall in Ann Arbor

This is the house next door taken from our kitchen window. The snow falling might be described as chunky. The same snow falling in Nashville causes panic attacks and a run on all the grocery stores.



Ann Arbor, on this Valentine’s Day weekend, is a city of icicles decorating all the houses and glittering in the sun.  Pretty.



The trees are loaded with icicles, too, this one beside our kitchen window. I remember growing up in this environment. I loved it. What happened between Michigan and Tennessee to make me dread the sight of a snowflake? It must have something to do with uncleared roads, cars running into each other, schools closed, and frozen water lines.



Walker! Walker! How did you end up in that snowbank!?


May the Circle Be Unbroken


Lightdance, August 30, 2011

Standing  and looking at this beautiful little church near Ann Arbor, I thought about the powerful symbol of the physical presence of the church as the unifying core of a community. The Salem Church steeple reaches to the heavens, a faith sign that there is a Guiding Spirit, yet minute against the infinite sky. Generations of the communities’ people lie in graves surrounding the church even as the fields they plowed in life stretch out beyond them, and descendants gather in the church to celebrate both life and death. It’s easy for the circle to be broken living in large metropolitan areas without the visible presence of the land, the changing seasons and generational history. Sadly, places like the community around Salem Church seem quaint to us, where once they were the norm.

Watching over the Fields


Lightdance, August 29, 2011

There are many old German communities located around Ann Arbor, Michigan, most of them clustered around small Lutheran churches. This cemetery is behind the Salems Kirche on Scio Church Road. The headstones are facing a farm field, so appropriate in a small, close-knit farming community, as though they were guarding the ensuing generations. I converted to black and white and added a dark vignette to highlight the timelessness of the story.

Church sign

Chiseled sign over the front door of Salems Kirche.


Lightdance, August 26, 2011

I didn’t know, when we returned to Ann Arbor for our  AAHS Class of ’61 reunion, that we would be revisiting our elementary school Brownie Troop as well! Too much fun!