Longing for Spring 2010


Photo a Day Project 1/03/10

Tennessee can turn cold in January. That usually sends me to my flower files to find one to paint in Corel Painter. It makes me feel warmer.


Michigan January

Snow Covered Trees

Photo a Day Project 1/02/10

I’m a Tennessean, now, but I was a Michigander growing up. It looks like this in Michigan a lot longer than it does in Tennessee! Edited using Photoshop B/W Adjustment Layer and SnapArt Stylize filter.

Nashville in the Round

Nashville, TN

Photo a Day Project 1/01/10

This is the first picture in my planned project of a photo a day for 2010. The great city of Nashville, TN is where I live. Though I travel far, I always come back to the starting point. It’s a circular thing! This result requires several Photoshop steps, ending ultimately with the Polar Coordinates Distortion Filter.